Saturday, May 17, 2008

weeds or wind?

It is a new season of wind and blowing dust, of sunshine and weeds, of summer schedules and camping gear. Although I didn't do the scheduled bike ride today, Kyle went out with a group and faced the wind head on - and later enjoyed the wind-powered energy that pushed him home. I couldn't help but notice red stripes on his head when he removed his helmet. That, and the familiar clean burn lines from his shorts as the sun bites REALLY set in. I'm reminded that bike riding can be fun and social. Biking also requires the necessary precautions of taking care of one's self. Water is essential, and on really challenging days, a couple of packets of 'goo' or a salted nut roll can go a long way to pick me up. And there is the all important sunscreen as well...

I must admit, I would rather have been riding than pulling the weeds out of our garden!

Friday, May 16, 2008

The "spokin" word

Last night, I started thinking about how little time we have to prepare for our summer rides. It put a pit in my stomach... Although I love tours, the getting ready for it can sometimes seem like a job; once started, it is a great job. But getting back into shape after a long winter and wet spring has been no easy task. I don't know if anyone else is experiencing a sharp learning curve right now, or if it is just my body that forgets how to be active over a long hibernation period. Good luck with all your training! And I'll wish a good mindset for you as well. Let's RIDE!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hi. My name is Kyle. This is my blog. But I won't be the only one posting here. This blog is called 'The Spoke Easy' [credit to my very clever wife for the great name idea] and will primarily cover organized bike rides, and training rides leading up to the 4th annual Tour de Kota, and RAGBRAI. There will be photos posted, stories posted and thoughts posted.

Don't be surprised if the content deviates from time to time, as I do have interests other than biking. You have been warned.

Tour de Kota begins June 8th, so there is very little time left for training! My friend Mark Wagner (Wags) and I will be riding the 7 day ride which winds around eastern South Dakota this year.

I'll be attempting a training ride of about 55 miles this weekend and will post some photographs of the people and sites I find along the way. Stay tuned...